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Friday, July 14, 2023

Best in Show 2023!

 These vehicles took Best In Show at the 11th annual DeutscheMarques German car show.

And there are always great stories that come from DM.
Consider, for example, the Best In Show Audi (lower left).
Owner Kal pulled into an Elkhart gas station yesterday morning. Kal owns a first generation (2012) Audi R8. At the next pump was a gen two R8 (2023). Naturally, Kal starts chatting with the owner. 1,400 HP at the wheels. Nice car!
The G2 owner said he was going to a German car show. The largest in America! Kal had never heard of DM, and had never visited the GCM (even though he lived in Richland for a time).
Kal made an on the spot decision to get out of work and drive 90 minutes north to Hickory Corners.
You already know the rest of the story: Kal won Best In Class for Audi.
Zero to hero in a matter of hours.
, Kal!