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Friday, October 8, 2021

Fall Tour - Routes now available!!

DeutscheMarques board member Matthew Short has designed a beautiful fall color tour for us. Here are the northbound and southbound routes. We will have printed maps available, and will provide you with a card to re-enter the Gilmore Car Museum grounds following the tour.

If you're Google Maps savvy, you can review the routes here:
Remember, the October 9 color tour is limited to the first 60 cars who want to drive. Group 1 departs at 10:00, Group 2 at 10:15, and Group 3 at 10:30.
If you don't do the drive Saturday, save the map! Colors should be good for a couple of weeks.

Almost here! Tomorrow is Oktoberfest!

 You might be wondering if we have a parking plan for OKTOBERFEST. Of COURSE we do!

Cars will enter the show grounds at the south end of the parking lot, near the Model A and Franklin museums. The GCM staff will gratefully accept your $20 contribution, covering your car, driver, and first passenger. Thank you!

John Lacko will direct cars to the appropriate parking area (Note - unlike DeutscheMarques we are NOT parking by marque). Cars arriving for the OKTOBERFEST will make a right turn at the Lincoln museum. Cars going on the color tour will go straight toward Nancy Lacko.

Nancy will have drivers and passengers sign a waiver and will give them a printed map of the color tour route. Drivers will also get a card allowing reentry to the GCM following the tour.

Touring cars will proceed to the second right turn, and park on a diagonal with their noses to the road. We will have a driver's meeting at 9:45 fill in any tour details.

We will send out three groups of 20 cars each at 10:00, 10:15 and 10:30. When you return to the GCM, please park where you were staging earlier.

And keep your eyes peeled for the Model A's that will be driving on the campus for the last day of their season.

Comment any questions here, or Message us! 73-degrees and partly sunny. It's going to be a GREAT day! 

Monday, October 4, 2021

Official Brew of Deutsche Marques and Oktoberfest!

 We are THRILLED to have Haymarket Brewing as our official beer sponsor for Oktoberfest! Look forward to trying out their German beers in our beer tent! Also be sure to stop by their Bridgman MI location as you head to the west side of the state, as well as visit their second location in Chicago's West Loop!

Thursday, September 30, 2021

Oktoberfest! Let's see the fall colors!

 We are excited about all the interest our October 9th OKTOBERFEST is generating!

To keep the Fall Color Tour manageable, we are limiting participation to the first 60 cars who want to drive it.
We lift the gate for cars to enter at 9:00 AM. People need to let our greeters know they would like to take the tour. We’ll have a special place for tour vehicles to stage before leaving. They will be given a card to use to re-enter the Gilmore Car Museum grounds when they return from the tour and will park in the same staging area.
Around 10:00, we’ll take the first 20 cars on the tour. The second and third group of 20 cars each will depart at 15-minute intervals. Each group will have a DeutscheMarques leader and a sweeper car.
The tour will take about an hour. Everyone should be back at the GCM when the beer tent opens at noon.
German beer, wine, food and even our Oom-Pah band will make you think you’re in Munich!

Get Dressed Up and WIN!

 Gentlemen, dust off your lederhosen!

Ladies, get your dirndls out from the back of the closet!
The best traditional-dressed men and women will win a beautiful German beer stein at our October 9 OKTOBERFEST. We might even fill it with beer, if you win!
You already have a German car, so go all out and try to win our best-dressed contest! OKTOBERFEST at the Gilmore Car Museum!

Best Dressed!

 Gentlemen, dust off your lederhosen!

Ladies, get your dirndls out from the back of the closet!
The best traditional-dressed men and women will win a beautiful German beer stein at our October 9 OKTOBERFEST. We might even fill it with beer, if you win!
You already have a German car, so go all out and try to win our best-dressed contest! OKTOBERFEST at the Gilmore Car Museum!

ChauHaus! Delicous German Food while you check out the Gilmore during Oktoberfest!

We wanted more traditional German specialties, so we have teamed up with ChauHaus Schnitzel Station and Chef/Owner Frankie. They will serve out of George & Sally’s Blue Moon Diner (perhaps renamed Gunter & Sonja’s Blau Munich Diner for the day).
These items will be available “while supplies last”:
Qty 50 – Curry Wurst, $8
Qty 50 - Meatballs and Gravy (over spaetzle), $8
Qty 50 – Sauerbraten (over spaetzle), $8
Qty 200 - Pretzel and Cheese, $5
Qty 50 – Strudel, $5


Thursday, September 9, 2021

Plan to attend the first ever Oktoberfest and Fall Color Tour at the Gilmore Car Museum. German cars, German food and German beer. Fun for the entire family!

Details on our Facebook page and at  

Monday, July 12, 2021

A Spectacular 2021 Return for DeutscheMarques!

Calling DM9 "spectacular" is an understatement. Thousands of visitors admired a record-setting number of beautiful German cars on a picture-perfect July day.

Dozens of awards recognized the significance of these vehicles, and six of them (pictured here, minus the Audi) took home the coveted "Best In Show" crystal trophy.

Here are the happy winners.

DeutscheMarques 9 – July 10, 2021

Audi Winners:
Judges: Jason Cardani, Kris Tumidamsky, Dan Cubric, Abigail McClung, Adam Kern
Best in Show Audi: Tim Post, Grand Rapids, MI 1985 Coupe GT
Best of the 2010s: Jim Scatena, Ludington, MI 2020 R8
Best of the 2000s: Bill Lausch, Hollland, MI 2001 TT
Best of the 1990s: Jeff King, Coopersville, MI 1993 URS4
Best Daily Driver: Christopher Englerth, Kalamazoo, MI 2005 R8
Best Survivor: Jake Froelich, Sturgis, MI 2005 B5 A4
Cleanest Concours Car: Michael Botsko, Grand Haven, MI 2005 TT Coupe 3.2 S-Line
Judge’s Special Award: Zachary Betts, Grand Rapids, MI Coolwater 4-door wagon

Sharpe BMW Winners:
Judges: Dan Sales, Kyle Walters, Alan Dalman
Best in Show BMW: Paul Norman 2003 Z8
Best of the 2010s: Harvey Nuttall 2017 M6
Best of the 2000s: Adam & Amanda Losca, Michiana, IN 2003 M5
Best of the 1990s: Zack Rubin, Ann Arbor, MI 1998 M3
Best of the 1980s: Dom Federico, Grand Rapids, MI 1988 M6
Best of the 1970s Tom Weersing, Zeeland, MI 2800 C5
Best Classic (1969 and Earlier) Bryan Lepley, Kalamazoo, MI 1969 2002
Best Daily Driver: Kevin Schneider, Portage, MI 2011 328
Best Survivor: Paul McCord, East Lansing, MI 1988 635 CSI
Cleanest Concours Car: Kash Abdul-Rahman, Pendleton, IN 2006 M6
Judge’s Special Award: Daniel Crouse, Kalamazoo, MI 1984 E30
Orrin B. Hayes Mercedes Winners:
Judges: Trevor Miller + Undisclosed Team
Best in Show Mercedes: Matthew Short, Kalamazoo, MI 2018 Mercedes-AMG GTR
Best of the 2010s: Alex Ortner, Keeho Harbor, MI 2011 SLS-AMG
Best of the 2000s: Robert Grabill, Chicago, IL 2004 SL55 AMG
Best of the 1990s: Richard Vaughan, Berkley, MI 300 CE-24
Best of the 1980s: Jack and Mary Ryan, Vicksburg, MI 1983 380SL
Best of the 1970s Robert Kirshman, Augusta, MI 1972 SL350
Best Classic (1969 and Earlier) Frank Butler, Maumee, OH 1959 300SL
Best Daily Driver: Ben Fisher, Grand Haven, MI E63 AMG
Best Survivor: Joe Royston, Grandville, MI 1985 300TD
Cleanest Concours Car: Don Brabik, Maple City, MI 1958 190SL
Judge’s Special Award: John Van Landingham, Columbus, OH 1978 6.9

Porsche Grand Rapids Winners:
Judges: Richard Rakow, Jeff Schutter, Chris Wilks, Ryan Heisur
Best in Show Porsche: Paul Norman, Hickory Corners, MI 1989 Singer Porsche
Best of the 2010s: Andy Behro, Jenison, MI 2018 Cayman
Best of the 2000s: Darren Draves, Hickory Corners, MI 2005 Carrera GT
Best of the 1990s: Brent Abrams, Dowagiac, MI 1991 928 S4
Best of the 1980s: Rocky Tebeau, Coopersville, MI 2000 911
Best of the 1970s Steve Maslen, Richland, MI 1973 911E
Best Classic (1969 and Earlier) Paul Masanek, Skokie, IL 1962 356B
Best Daily Driver: Libby Miller, Byron Center, MI 2021 Panamera GTS Sport Turismo
Best Survivor: L. Boebel, East Grand Rapids, MI 1964 356C
Cleanest Concours Car: Dwayne Johnson, Kentwood, MI 1996 911 Carrera
Judge’s Special Award: Don Sjolin, Ada, MI 1974 911
Munk’s Motors Volkswagen Winners:
Judges: Matthew Kent, Adam Kern, Neely Kent, Brett Siegwart
Best in Show VW: Greg Sanchez, Melvindale, MI 1977 Campmobile
Best of the 2010s: Troy Cox, Kalamazoo, MI 2013 Golf R
Best of the 2000s: Chris Schop, Chelsea, MI 2000 GTI
Best of the 1990s: Jeff Wells, Grand Rapids, MI 1996 Golf Harlequin
Best of the 1980s: Ryan Niewoonder, Mattawan, MI 1983 Rabbit GTI
Best of the 1970s Michael Lucas, Grand Rapids, MI 1975 Scirocco
Best Classic (1969 and Earlier) Brent Walter, Huntington, IN 1967 Beetle
Best Daily Driver: Drew & Sarah Marie Clark, Mattawan, MI 1963 Bug
Best Survivor: Richard Deming Jr., Hastings, MI 1965 VW Dune Buggy
Cleanest Concours Car: Gary Saulter, Rockford, MI 1975 Samba (Type II)
Judge’s Special Award: Ted Smith, Southfield, MI 1959 GRU Single Cab

Hagerty “Other” Marques Winners:
Judges: Jason Cardani, Kris Tumidamsky, Dan Cubric, Abigail McClung, Adam Kern
Best in Show “Other”: Ken Adams, Tipton, MI 1959 TS-250 Goggomobile Coupe
Best of the 1970s Bill Gephart, Kalamazoo, MI 1971 Opel GT
Special Judges’ Award Robert Bullard, Richland, MI 1989 Trabant 601

Thank you to our esteemed panel of judges and congratulations to everyone who entered the show! EVERY German car is a show car!

Thursday, July 8, 2021

Pre-Registration Passes 200 Cars!

WOW! More than 200 vehicles are now pre-registered for Saturday! Pre-registration closes tonight at 6:00 PM (Thursday, July 8). It only takes about a minute and will save you a wait in line Saturday morning.


Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Show Schedule

 2021 DeutscheMarques Schedule:

8:00 AM          Gate opens, show cars enter, parking and registration begins

9:00 AM          Show starts for visitors

10:30 AM        Our Oom-Pah band begins delighting visitors!

12:00 PM         Gate closes for show cars – SHARP!

Plenty of food options are available, including German brats, burgers, hot dogs and some exciting food truck options. Plus German beer, wine and soft drinks.

1:45 PM           Group “family photo” in front of Shell station

2:00 PM           Awards Presentation

2:30 PM           "Best in Show" photo of ALL six winners – in front of Shell Station

3:00 PM           DM9 comes to a triumphant close. Come back tomorrow for

                        “Mad Dogs & Englishmen – A British Car Faire!” 

DM9 Almost here!

 Super Excited! DM9 presented by Garage Kept Motors is almost here! A few days away and we are expecting a huge turnout. We have many  goodies to give away from Griots and Stoner Car Care

Monday, June 28, 2021

Stoner Car Care once again sent us a bucket of amazing products! I love the Invisible Glass cleaner and the Coating Car Wash! Several Stoner products including the bucket with a grit guard will be going home with a lucky Deutsche Marques attendee!

Monday, June 14, 2021

 Ready for DeutscheMarques 2021 presented by Garage Kept Motors? This year's show will be held at the Gilmore Car Museum on July 10th.  To get  pre-registered click here.  Gates open for show cars at 9am. Show ends at 3pm although you are welcome to stay until the museum closes. 

Sunday, June 13, 2021

 We are Back for 2021! The DeutscheMarques team would like to thank all of our sponsor's for 2021. Our show continues to growth and without the support from our automotive community we would not have the success! 

This year's show is presented by Garage Kept Motors

Car care goodie giveaways are provided by Griot's Garage

Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Our friends at Griot's Garage sent us a bunch of goodies to give away at Deutsche Marques! Keep your car's factory shine with these awesome products from Griot's!


Tuesday, April 6, 2021

 Weather is starting to warm up! If you are looking for car care products, check out some of our sponsor's! Griots Garage and Stoner's 

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

DeutscheMarques Returns in 2021!

Like a lot of other events, DeutscheMarques had to take a break. But we're coming back in 2021. Coronavirus relief efforts are starting to have a real impact, so plan to join us on Saturday, July 10 at the Gilmore Car Museum. If you've attended previous shows, you know what to expect. 

If you're just finding out about DM, here are a few highlights:

  • Hundreds and hundreds of beautiful German cars!
  • Thousands and thousands of beautiful people (not all German)!
  • Dozens and dozens of awards, including beautiful crystal 'Best in Show' trophies!
  • German music, German food, German beer and German wine!
  • A fun, fun day for the entire family!
Show cars can arrive beginning at 9:00 AM. The entry gate closes at noon. Trophies will be awarded around 2:00 and we expect to wrap things up at 3:00 (though you are welcome to stay until the museum closes).

Questions? Reach out to us at . Our Facebook page is also an excellent place to get current information and to connect with us!

 2021 GCM Admission Charges:

Show cars: Driver PLUS first passenger $16

10 and under free

11- 17  Years- $11

Adult/ Senior - $16 general admission

Active military is free - including in a show car