Garage Kept Motors

Monday, April 24, 2023

Help us find the Poster Car for DM 11!

As we are finalizing our plans for our 11th annual show on July 8th, WE NEED YOUR HELP in finding our next featured poster car!!!
You've probably seen our annual posters similar to this one, which we utilize for advertising our show, promoting our sponsors, and highlighting our "featured marque" each year.
Where you come in: we need your help in finding our next poster car for....celebrating all things BMW!!! We are on the hunt for an interesting, unique, special, classic or iconic BMW that we can highlight on our 2023 poster.
Simply post a pic in the comments, or message us if you'd prefer, and we'll take a look and follow up! While its not required for the car to be at the show, its always nice to celebrate the poster car in person. ALL German cars are special - so show us what you've got - and THANK YOU for your help!

Saturday, April 22, 2023

Pre-Registration May 8th!!!!

 Hey, everybody! Our brilliant registration team is planning to start pre-registration for DeutscheMarques 11 on July 8 A MONTH EARLIER this year!

We hope to open things up on May 8!
Although we prefer pre-reg, you can just show up on July 8th (before noon) and you will be part of this great show.
Plan to be part of America’s largest all-German car show. You’ll be glad you did!