Garage Kept Motors

Tuesday, July 12, 2022

 535 German Cars attend DM10!

It's official! 535 cars attended DM10 on July 9, 2022, continuing our record-breaking turnouts. That's 7% bigger than last year. We have consistently grown all ten years, thanks to a lot of cool cars coming from far and wide.
Leading the increase was Audi, with a 27% improvement over 2021! Congrats to Audi Club Michigan president David Keller and his leadership team!
Porsche was up nearly 13%, thanks to no conflicts with their annual Porsche Parade this year.
And Mercedes-Benz had a very respectable increase of 10%. New M-B president Matthew Short gets some of that credit.
Largest marque represented? BMW, again. But Porsche is hot on their heels. Look for the 2022 pie chart here!
Thank you all for attending! Mark your calendars for the first Saturday after July 4 next year. That would be July 8, 2023! See you at DM11!