2018 Family Photo

2018 Family Photo
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Saturday, July 15, 2017

DeutscheMarques 2017 in Review

Our sixth annual show set new records! Over 300 German cars from five states and thousands of visitors descended upon the Gilmore Car Museum in Hickory Corners, Michigan for the Sixth Annual DeutscheMarques car show on July 8, 2017. The weather could not have been more beautiful - mid-70s, low humidity and less than a 10% change of rain. The Garage Queens came out in force, to set a new record, making DeutscheMarques the largest German car show in the Midwest!

As always, there were some spectacular vehicles in the field. A local collector provided three stunning late 50s/ early 60s Mercedes-Benz'. But the show stopper was a 1965 Porsche 356 cabriolet once owned by Janis Joplin. This psychedelic vehicle attracted droves of people.

This year, we had two Opel's join us in the "Other" category. They are talking about increasing their numbers. If they do, we'll create an Opel category to join the Audi, BMW, Porsche, Mercedes, and Volkswagen marques.

The Best in Show winners received beautiful crystal trophies and were cheered by an appreciative crowd.

The coveted "Best in Show" crystal trophy was awarded to one car in each marque. The proud winners were:

Best in Show Audi:
Nathan Lantzy, Battle Creek, 2010 Audi S5

Best in Show BMW Presented by Exclusive Marque Sponsor Sharpe BMW: 
Jeff Schutter, Sparta, MI, 1985 635 csi

Best in Show Mercedes-Benz Presented by Exclusive Marque Sponsor Orrin B. Hayes Mercedes-Benz: 
Doug Wolford, Lansing, MI, 1972 280 SEL 4.5

Best in Show 'Other'
Bill Gephart, Kalamazoo, MI, 1971 Opel GT

Best in Show Porsche Presented by Exclusive Marque Sponsor Porsche Grand Rapids: 
Robert Yonce, Shelby Township, MI, 2015 911 Turbo S

Best in Show Volkswagen
Peter & Dorothy Dykema, Hickory Corners, MI, 1967 Type 1 Beetle


  1. I absolutely love car shows, but we don't see many German cars in my country. Wish I could have been there to attend the event. Looks really fun.

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